Estair Kaufman

Bikkurim Bougainvillea Jerusalem Jerusalem
Bikkurim Bougainvillea Jerusalem Dawn Jerusalem Poppies
Morning Serenity Summer Talbieh
Morning Glow Serenity Summer Breeze Talbieh Summer

The unique art of Estair Kaufman speaks to the heart and mind. Each of her works is imbued with “chayn”, the Hebrew word for a graceful intertwining of the physical and spiritual aspects of life.

The inner depth and serenity of her art enables her audience to reflect on their deepest values and aspirations.

Her work is suffused with images of Jerusalem, aspects of Jewish life and moments of contemplation. We are transported and transformed by her vision. Estair shows us who we could be: a vibrant and harmonious people. Her mastery of color and light in addition to the beauty and durability of her works has earned her many commissions for parochets, bima covers, chuppahs, tapestries and wall hangings. Estair works closely with her clients to ensure that the commissioned work accurately and artistically reflects her clients’ technical and aesthetic requirements.

In the world of fashion too, Estair has attracted the considerable attention of top designers such as Oscar de la Renta and Geoffrey Beene. Her wearable art is included in the wardrobes of Ella Fitzgerald, Petula Clarke and the former first lady of Canada, Mila Mulroney.

Estair was born in Czechoslovakia in 1961. She studied fine art and fashion design in Brussels at the Bischoffsheim Institute. For the last nineteen years, she has worked and exhibited in Europe, Canada, the United States and Israel. Her art is included in public and private collections around the world, and is featured on CD & Magazine covers. In addition, she has appeared on television and radio.

She lives in the community of Matityahu in Israel with her husband and four children.