Albert Goldman

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1922-Born in Alexandria on June 2nd Showed since early childhood a serious talent for drawing and painting. 1948-In July, at the time of the Israel War of Independence, he miraculously survived twelve knife stabs in the back when brutally attacked by the mob during an air raid by Israeli planes. Was accused of being a Zionist signaling to the enemy. A few months later he met Lucette Blumenthal and they married in March 1950. 1951-In July, the couple managed to leave Egypt discreetly, via Europe, reaching the safe shores of Israel aboard the "Artza" on September 5, 1951. ART STUDIES 1936 Attested art classes by Italian and Greek masters at the “Atelier” in Alexandria. 1956 In Haifa, intensive study at courses given by Avraham Yaskiel and Meyerovitch. At a later date, in Tel-Aviv, with Moshe Propes. 1983 Art Teacher.

1956 “Beitenou” Haifa.
1958 Jerusalem Art Cellar
1963 Beit Rubin, Eilat
1963 Gallery Park, Cleveland, Ohio
1964 Awixa Art Pond Center, Long Island, New York.

These comprise oil, aquarelle (watercolor), gouache, tempera, acrylic, oil pastel, Wax, wood and linoleum cuts; Decoration of walls and doors, etc. Local and international art critics present him as naturalist-impressionist with a Rich palette, very competent in using the colors to achieve luminous and Heartwarming effects. Displayed in his studio and home collection one is Surprised to discover his other styles: classic, cubism, abstract, and futurism. One can Observe his originality in the special texture of his works. MUSEUM ALBERT GOLDMAN Inaugurated 18.11.90 in the Bnei Brith building, Dan Region, Rehov Meir Haness 14, Ramat-Gan.