Ben Yehuda

1-Jerusalem 2-Father-Many-Nations 3-New-Jerusalem 4-Next-Year 5-Oak-of-Avraha 6-Power-of-Prayer
Jerusalem Father-Many-Nat.. New-Jerusalem Next-Year Oak-of-Avraha Power-of-Prayer
7-Psalm-23 8-Psalm-- 9-Kabbalah 10-Vision-of-Rachel 11-Jacobs-Dream 12-Shabat-Candles
Psalm-23 Psalm-- Kabbalah Vision-of-Rachel Jacobs-Dream Shabat-Candles
13-Torah-at-Sinai 14-Reb-Shlomo 15-Rav-Cutler 16-Rav-Shach 17-Meditation
Torah-at-Sinai Reb-Shlomo Rav-Cutler Rav-Shach Meditation

Ben Yehuda was born in Egypt and raised in Switzerland and England.Artistic from an early age, upon his arrival in Israel in 1976, he turned his creative enthusiasm to painting biblical narratives in oils. These innately spiritual paintings reflect an affinity to detail and texture, in swift fields of colour and light, an enchanted world of his own. Ben Yehuda's versatility has enabled him to work exclusively for private collectors worldwide. Presently he is devoting considerable time and effort to mastering landscape painting of Eretz Israel, where he lives with his wife Rivka and their seven children.

His unique technique, used in many of his paintings, originates from ancient Egypt, where by fire, resin and wax constitute some of the ingredients.